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Zero calories: smell tasty with Demeter's food scents

Zero calories: smell tasty with Demeter's food scents
Zero calories: smell tasty with Demeter's food scents
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Demeter has long been known for its outside-of-the box, yet affordable, fragrances. I think that if you have any self-confidence at all, it's important not to smell like everyone else in the room. You want to be remembered! You want to be distinct!

There are several main fragrance categories used throughout the industry, such as "floral," "chypre," "Oriental," etc. One of the main categories is "gourmand," meaning fragrances that smell like food. Food is comforting. It can also be alluring or sassy or spicy or sweet. It can be all the things that you associate with other categories of scent, if you only disassociate yourself with its origins! Demeter has many, many gourmand scents, which would make the perfect gift to you -- the foodie. I was very happy to be hosted to experience some of them!

Bourbon - It's that first whiff of a pour, with notes of tobacco and alcohol. Bourbon is light, unisex. Wear it when you've got jeans or leather on. Men could wear it to work.

Tomato - Fresh tomato, but in the garden, cooled. You smell leaves, seeds, tomato gel, a little greenness. I'd say it's for a unique and sporty person.

Dulce de Leche - Caramel, vanilla, flan, cooked milk. The dry-down is lightly sweet, with skin notes.

Dark Chocolate -- I just recently wore this all around Belgium because of their gourmet chocolate industry. Everyone was very nice to me, so there you have it. The fragrance smells like candy-box candy -- not those Ex-Lax-like 80% cocoa bars. There's a little snap to them. It blends with skin well, a great gourmand. I'd say it's more on the feminine side.

Sweet Cilantro - It starts out bright, then gets deep, savory and herby. It's unisex and for confident people.

Spicy Pineapple Salsa - First, you notice the spice, then fruit. It's unisex, summery and tropical. It has some sweetness and is very long-lasting.

Sushi - I noticed salt water, lemon and seaweed. It's unisex without being jock-like. The dry-down is complex.

Vanilla Ice Cream - Vanilla, sweetness, milk and vanilla bean.

Pizza - A fun scent. I notice oregano, olive oil crust, baked tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese. It may not be the traditional romantic type of scent, but it's comforting and when I sprayed it on, my puppy lost his mind.

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