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Zeppelin hangar: Google to rehabilitate Moffet Field's Hangar One

Zeppelin hangar: Google to rehabilitate Moffet Field's Hangar One.
Zeppelin hangar: Google to rehabilitate Moffet Field's Hangar One.
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Zeppelin hangar is part of a deal that a Google subsidiary was selected for. NASA has awarded Planetary Ventures to manage Moffet Field, near Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. According to ABC News on Feb. 12, Hangar One, the zeppelin hangar is part of the deal.

What Planetary Ventures and Google intend to do with the vast structure, Google declines to say.

Zeppelin hangar rehab would pave the way for Google to acquire and operate a dirigible. This could be the next source of speculation after their mystery barge in San Francisco bay and the self-driving car.

The massive zeppelin hangar covers eight acres. In fact, clouds have formed inside and it has actually rained in there. The giant structure used to be the home of the Navy's USS Macon, built in 1933, which was 785 feet long. The three active Goodyear blimps are tiny by comparison measuring only 192 feet in length. In fact, The USS Macon was over four times as long.

It is yet unknown what Google wants to do with Hangar One, but it is wide open to speculation now. It is estimated that refurbishing may cost as much as $45 million, not including zeppelin. Bill gates has already dissed the idea.

'When you're dying of malaria,' Gates was quoted as saying, 'I suppose you'll look up and see that balloon, and I'm not sure how it'll help you.'

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