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Zephyrhills awarded homeless grant

The City of Pure Water will be receiving a Homeless Prevention Grant from the Florida Department of Children and Families of nearly $76,000.

Although the city missed the deadline for a similar grant in 2013, neighboring Dade City was able to receive a Homeless Prevention Grant with help coming from Pasco County in the preparation of the grant application.

Zephyrhills City Manager Jim Drumm said, “We continue to hear how unusual it is for a small city to be involved in this type of grant and this type of social service program,” in an email to city officials. “I think it speaks highly for our city that we are willing to venture into new program areas to better serve our citizen’s needs.”

The grant application for Zephyrhills was hand-delivered to Tallahassee on October 31, 2013.

Drumm stated that the grant will provide “reimbursement for funds spent”. He also said, “I think this will be a great program to help our residents that are having difficulty in paying the rent or utility bills. This number has increased over the past few years due to the down economy.”

The pastor of the Chancey Road Christian Church, Tim Mitchell, said that the money could be used to help over 200 families here in need of emergency assistance. Along with the Samaritan Project, the Chancey Road Christian Church assisted Zephyrhills officials in the preparation of the grant application.

The grant does not affect homeless shelters and the funds are specifically for those people residing within Zephyrhills city limits. The money will not be made available until after February 2014.

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