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Zensah's Tech+ Compression Socks give extra ankle support for Plantar Fasciitis

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Zensah's high tech compression socks get even more high tech

It took me a while, but I'm now a believer in compression gear.

Popular in track and field, but not only for runners, compression socks and sleeves not only help prevent injury, but they also can help an athlete recover from a tough workout or competition.

A lot of companies make compression gear, but Miami-based Zensah is taking it a step further in 2014.

New compression socks from Zensah improve on their original compression sock idea. Zensah's newly released Tech+ Compression Socks give extra support to athletes with ankle and plantar fasciitis.

Zensah's Marketing Director, Suzanne Kerpel, explains it well. “As a comfort and technology focused company, it is exciting to release the Tech+ Compression Socks. They boast so many new features that our original compression socks did not have and really offer something unique for athletes to get the most out of their training and recovery.”

Aensah explains how these news socks offer extra support.

Tech+ Compression Socks by Zensah are made with 200 needle count, making them the most technological and comfortable compression socks available on the market. Zensah® is recognized by runners for utilizing pin-point compression on the compression leg sleeves to target shin splints. By utilizing a 200 needle count with the Tech+ compression socks, the socks now include targeted muscle support to help prevent injuries and speed up recovery.

Who else can benefit from these socks.

I would say someone with Achilles problems needs to try these right away. The Zensah ultra-zone ribbing will help stabilize the ankle and prevent plantar fasciitis. The cushioned sole adds a ittle support and as you might expect with a quality sock from Zensah, it helps prevent blisters and chafing.

Run (and I'm using the word "run" for a reason) out and get your pair of Tech+ Compression Socks from Zensah. While you are out, check out their arm sleeves as well.

I'm a believer.

Tech+ Compression Socks are sold in specialty stores across the country and available in eight bright colors.

Check out all the information at


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