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Zens....great pizza tucked away in San Marcos


The personal artwork on the box was just
as fun as the pizza!

I did not think it was possible. A pizza that eerily resembles a Chicago thin crust sans the triangle cuts.  Yes, Zen's Pizza Bistro is a tucked away little place in San Marcos, near the Texas State University campus. The name definitely does not reflect the product.  Well, they do make some special gourmet custom type pizzas, but when I walked in I intended to get a sandwich. Instead, I tried a slice of their pepperoni and a salad.  Needless to say, I almost gave the salad back and asked for another slice of pizza. Their menu brags that their pizza is NY style, but I had to inquire if the owners were from Chicago, and was told no but they get that a lot - or that the pizza reminds customers of Chicago or New Jersey style pizza.   I was so impressed, I ordered a take-out box for my kids to try and needless to say, they agreed. I even received some artwork on the box compliments of the chef.
The place is small, in a strip mall along Sessoms and LBJ.  I definitely recommend anyone who would like an inkling of Chicago-style thin crust pizza to check it out. 

Zen's Pizza Bistro
700 N. LBJ #107
San Marcos, TX
10:30 am-10:00 pm