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Zendikar's "bleeding" Vampire mechanic may return

Come on, the place is named Guul Draz - did you expect its inhabitants to be neighborly?

Zendikar block's Vampires were notable for a number of reasons: Not only did they represent the first small, nonflying Vampires portrayed as black's characteristic tribe, instead of large iconic flyers, they also had a minor theme of depleting an opponent's life total to 10 or less. Since Zendikar's vamps were feral trackers and hunters who excelled on smelling blood from miles away and descending on wounded prey, this captured their flavor pretty well. And, according to Mark Rosewater, it could be done again.

When yoshisarecool asked Rosewater on his Tumblr blog, "How well was the "10 or less life" vampire mechanic received? Could it return?" he responded:

It was received well and it very easily could return.

A later Vampire, Blood Baron of Vizkopa, used a variant of the ability that also cares about its controller's life total, but perhaps the "bleeding" life total check is most likely to be seen in our next trip to Innistrad, since it makes sense in red as well as black, and a new Innistrad block would be served well by keeping its original five ally-color tribes for their minor themes but giving them switched-up mechanical identities.

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