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Zen Tubing on the French Broad: Rediscover the sounds of childish laughter

We believe the river is never wrong
We believe the river is never wrong
Brenda Hall

If you never experienced the joy and excitement of “Zen Tubing,” here is your chance. Heath White, Jen Ditzler and the dedicated crew at Zen Tubing in Asheville, North Carolina extend the following invitation: “Let us take you on a free-floating adventure down the lazy French Broad River with the sun overhead, warm breeze at your back and cold beverage in hand. You can almost feel it, right?”

We believe in the free-floating adventure of the lazy French Broad River
Brenda Hall

The people at Zen Tubing are inspired by a very simple but powerful belief system according to Heath White, in an interview on Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Mr. White is co-owner of Zen Tubing since 2012.

We Believe

  • We believe the river is never wrong. We believe deadlines and meetings are for the birds.
  • We believe in the free-floating adventure of the lazy French Broad River.
  • We believe this river gives each one of us an opportunity to tune in to the beauty of our natural resources. And that everyone should get to enjoy that opportunity in the most fun, comfortable way possible without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer Zen Tubing as Asheville’s affordable outdoor alternative.
  • We also believe in making every moment count on the river. So we’ve built an amazing, diverse staff of dedicated river lovers to make sure your experience is unforgettable as you flow toward a perma-grin paradise.
  • And with that in mind, we hope to see you soon. Cheers.

Mr. White and his staff also believe they are “The Best Tubing in Asheville”

“Starting from two super-convenient locations, our river routes can’t be beat. They’re the ideal tubing length – 2.5-3 hours, depending on water level and weather conditions – with our Southern route floating you past plenty of islands and places to picnic and swim.”

Zen Tubing also has a “Midtown Asheville” location. “Our Midtown location, according to Mr. White, “floats you past some of Asheville’s finest breweries, the vibrant River Arts District and finishes upstream from the Bywater! You’ll be floating those routes in the cushiest, comfiest tubes to ever ride the river with their built-in back rests, closed bottoms and ability to hook together for groups and families.”

In Addition, “One of the greatest perks of tubing with us: coolers are welcome! That’s right, bring a cooler full of your favorite beverages, and we’ll provide a comfy float for them too. *Up to 50-quart size. No glass, please.”

When asked why he thought people choose “tubing” over other forms of Water Sports, Heath responded, “People feel they can participate in a fun, relaxing activity, spend quality time with friends and family, uninterrupted time with no cell phones or technology. This forces people/families to spend time with each other. It gives them a chance to talk, to communicate.”

In his closing remarks, Mr. White wanted to emphasize his love, respect and appreciation for the French Broad River. He feels the French Broad is a “User-friendly river that has taken its knocks over the years. However, the time has come for people to recognize the French Broad River as one of the greatest rivers in the world.”

It is also one of the cleanest rivers in the southeast according to Heath. The River now hosts River Otter, Muskrat and there are three nests of Bald Eagles near Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Zen Tubing closes for the season on September 7. Typically the seasons begins the weekend before Memorial Day, the first official holiday of the summer and closes the weekend following Labor Day.

During his time off Heath White and friends are going to paddle the Green River in Utah and visit Desolation Canyon first explored by John Wesley Powell, who is credited with leading the first group of white men down the Colorado River through present day Grand Canyon.

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