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Zen Float Tent - First Affordable Isolation Tank For Home


Now this is interesting. Your own isolation tank! And the price is incredible!

he Zen Float Tent is essentially a relaxation environment. You can achieve deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation by removing the normal stimulus overload of every day life. Touch, site, and sound are removed.

Touch: The tent has 10" of water that is heated to skin temperature (93.5°). This water is saturated with 800 lbs of Epsom Salt so you feel completely weightless. Shortly after hopping in, you will acclimate to the temperature of the water and air. As the water supports you, you begin to feel nothing: no hot or cold, and no gravity.

Sight: Inside, the Zen Float Tent is pitch black. You can open your eyes and still see absolutely nothing.

Sound: In a quiet room with your ears under the water, you will only hear a heart beat, and perhaps an occasional eyelid flutter. When you settle in and the senses are removed, you enter a state of total peace. You are free to relax, or dive into thinking and make connections like never before. Imagine freeing your brain from monitoring what's going on around it.

The Zen Float Tent allows you to float anytime you want, when it's convenient for you, on your schedule.

Compared to a traditional flotation tank, the Zen Float Tent offers many advantages:

Much, much, much cheaper
Much easier to move
Doesn't require plumbing
Radiant heating to maintain accurate temperature
Fine tune your water temperature
Privacy of your own home
... and, it is always available!

The canvas minimum order is by the thousands of yards, and components are only available by the 100s. YOU are the crucial piece to this story.

Check out the page and the video that explain Floating ( if you don't know what it is). They have provided the research information. And get floating!

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