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ZEMgear launches on

ZEMgear founder, Christina Bracken shares her 20-year footwear industry experience and passion for design and development as she brings her new collection of shoes “Engineered for WOW” to life through a Kickstarter campaign today, April 15, 2014. Crowd funding is the fast growing "out-of-the-box" approach to brand marketing and pre-production financing.

ZEMgear launches on
ZEMgear launches on
Minimalist Running Shoes

For a "successful" campaign, ZEMgear needs to raise $53,000 of preorders in 30 days. If they reaches that goal, the project is funded. "Backers" (you) will be charged at the end of the 30 days. Kickstarter has an All or Nothing approach. If the campaign does not make it, ZEMgear gets nothing and no one gets charged. But with your support the NEXT GENERATION of ZEM’s will be born and a few months later, you'll get your very own pair of ZEMs or the reward you have pledged.

ZEMgear have tested all prototypes and confirmed that they meet quality standards and are comfortable and durable. They have created the patterns, built the prototypes, and made the cutting dies and secured a manufacturer. What is needed are funds to secure the materials for full production, packaging, and final delivery.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the ZEMgear 2014 collection that the Kickstarter campaign will make a reality beyond their current Wind, Water, Sand and Land shoes - water sports, training, trail environment and active lifestyle.


Casual and Street Wear for Recovery, Walking and Light Fitness. The U-CROSS helps focus on running and walking "forefoot-stride". The combination of split-toe pattern and HexaTECH stability cradle minimize sliding inside the shoe. This shoe allows you to focus on developing a forefoot running style. Soft upper fabric cushions help avoid "runners nails". ZEMgear's NU Natural outsole remains flexible and delivers performance cushioning.

ZEMgear U-EX

Boating, Yachting, Sailing shoe for the Beach, Ocean, Lake, Stream and also Casual and Street Wear. The U-EX gets you where you need to go: out into the world, the water, the road and the gym. This multi-use performance style moves from land to water without hesitation. The removable insole has drainage and incorporates a stability shank. The vents in the outsole let air and water circulate and drain effectively. Non-marking outsoles makes this a perfect boat and watercraft shoe!!


Casual and Street Wear for Walking, Light Fitness Training and Styling Out. The fashionable U-JANE is a slip-on for multipurpose activities like walking and active leisure. It is designed for real women with real lives and jobs and a dynamic life-style. Be active with maximum performance cushioning and comfort. The U-Jane’s HexaTECH cage evolves ZEMgear’s award winning tech-band technology to an exterior stability cradle holding the foot securely in place. Adjusts with a small Velcro tab.

ZEMgear Urban Living

The Urban Living Series broadens the ZEMgear collection to include a complete Fall & Winter assortment: available as Boot (CITIZEM HIGH), Oxford (CITIZEM LOW) and Slip-on (CITILUX). All 3 styles feature 200 gram Thinsulate insulation embedded in the soft, water-resistant tech-nylon upper fabric. ZEMs ProTech Outsole is insulated with a 6mm layer of felt, including a silver heat retention shield used in outdoor survival equipment. Natural Foot Technology and Comfort with ultimate protection from the elements.


Fall and Winter Indoor/Outdoor Wear that is Insulated, Breathable, Weather Proof but also Functional Fashion for Street, Office or Snow.


Fall and Winter Indoor/Outdoor Wear that is Insulated, Breathable, Weather Proof but also High Top for Street Wear, Office or in the Snow.


Fall and Winter Indoor/Outdoor Wear that is Insulated, Breathable, Weather Proof, but also Easy on and off Versatility for at Home, or in the Snow.


Trail Running and Light Hiking for Fitness, Training, Wind, Water Sports, Casual and Street Wear. The TERRA XT is built on a wider natural last with an ergonomically molded, separated protective toe guard and counter shield. Perfect for natural foot motion during athletic activities in multi-terrain. Low center of gravity helps with weight bearing and balance exercises. Take advantage of the flexible, lightweight style whether you’re kayaking or camping or simply out in your favorite pair of jeans.

ZEMgear 360 XT

Training and Fitness for Running, Walking, and Cross Fit Training. The 360 XT features the new Shock Absorbing PORON Performance Cushioning insole for light-weight running & training and true natural motion. Reflective EVO 1 tech-bands enhance night-safety and deliver superb lateral stability. Feather-light 2.6 oz design. Since you are not training 24-7, experience the comfort of this wonderfully flexible pattern.

ZEM’s responsible all the way philosophy means using recycled materials whenever possible and slim box packaging to reduce shipping fuel, storage and environmental impact.

Full details at ZEMgear Kickstarter campaign page.

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