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Zelda Williams bullied online over famous dad's death: Robin Williams broke?

Zelda Williams, the 25-year-old daughter of Robin Williams, is being bullied online after the suicide death of her father. She released a statement saying that she is staying away from her social media accounts because the disparaging words prove to be too much for Zelda, who is grieving her father today, according to the New York Daily News on Aug. 13.

Zelda Williams reports disparaging words posted to her social media accounts by online bullies today.

On her Instagram account she posted that she will be leaving this account for a while and she will decide later if she will be deleting it or not. Her lengthy Instagram message conveys the thoughtlessness of the bullies online.

Her account is full of people thanking her for sharing her father with the world along with many testimonies to the laughter he brought to so many people. Zelda apparently opened her account to find criticism for not posting enough pictures of her father. Others used her Instagram account to rip apart Robin Williams' career.

This comes on the heels of more details being released about Williams' death today. Police report that a pocket knife was found near his body and it was used to make the superficial cuts found on Williams’ wrists. Apparently he tried to slit his wrists first before hanging himself with a belt in his bedroom, which is reported by police today.

Police also say that Williams’ was dead about 12 hours when his assistant discovered his body. He had gone to bed the night before in a separate room from his wife. She got up to go to work, thinking that Williams was still sleeping.

Williams’ suicide is part of the on-going investigation today. Fox News on Wednesday morning reports that he was on the verge of bankruptcy after two very costly divorces. The Business Insider reports he had been trying to sell a villa he owned with the asking price of $35 million, but he hadn’t gotten any bites on the property in over a year.

A close friend of Williams said that he was worried about his family’s finances in the days before he ended his life. While the news of his financial woes was reported by friends, it appears that Williams was far from bankrupt. A source that talked with the website Gossip Cop, made this very clear.

“Williams did not have money problems,” adamantly states the website. Most would find it shocking that he would after the career that this man had, but you just never know. Today it doesn’t matter if Williams had money troubles or not, he’s gone and from the sounds of the buzz online, the man is sadly missed by his family, friends and millions upon millions of fans. One 25-year-old woman is especially missing Williams today, his daughter Zelda.

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