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'Zelda' fans rejoice, 'Hyrule Warriors' and new 'Zelda' game shown at E3!

Screen shot of the trailer shown at E3 2014
Screen shot of the trailer shown at E3 2014

On June 10th, the second day of the E3 expo, Nintendo shined brightly; especially to the ‘Legend of Zelda’ fandom. A more elaborate trailer of ‘Hyrule Warriors’ was shown, along with a breathtaking sneak peek of the soon-to-be newest ‘Zelda’ game, which will make its appearance in 2015!

Nintendo introduced the fans to more playable characters that will be in ‘Hyrule Warriors.’ At this time, the playable characters include: Link, Zelda, Impa (looks very similar to the ‘Skyward Sword’ version), Midna (‘Twilight Princess’), Cia, Valga, Wizzro, and perhaps Ganondorf. More are rumored to be announced later, or it won’t be known until the game’s release.

A very brief sneak peek of the next ‘Zelda’ game has also been shown! Very little was revealed except for the artistic style, an overlook of the new world, and Link’s design. The trailer suggests that this game will be a little different compared to the recent games of the series. For starters, our beloved hero, Link, is sporting a new look; dressing in blue as oppose the trademark green. Players will interact in an open world, somewhat like ‘Skyrim’ and other adventure games. Eiji Aonuma stated that he plans to bring back the open exploration aspect like the past games, providing players with more to do and see in the new ‘Zelda’ world. It will allow players to solve puzzles in various ways, instead of following a set sequence of actions.

So far, the release date for ‘Hyrule Warriors’ remains at August 14th, 2014. ‘The Legend of Zelda’ for the Wii U’s exact release date has not been announced, but it will be out sometime in 2015.