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Zelda confirmed for new ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Official screenshots of the newly confirmed Zelda
Official screenshots of the newly confirmed Zelda

In conjunction with ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World’s’ release today in Japan, Zelda was announced as a playable character for the upcoming new iteration of ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Zelda confirmed for 2014 Smash

Princess Zelda marks the 20th character to be revealed for the game, and is also the fifth female fighter to be added. In addition to Link and Toon Link, her presence adds a third representative for the Legend of Zelda series in the new Smash Bros.

With three of the four Zelda representatives from 'Brawl' returning, it's safe to assume that the last one will be coming as well. If Ganondorf makes his way onto the roster, hopefully he won't share such an unsubtly similar moveset to Captain Falcon. Again.

Interestingly, Zelda sports her look from ‘Twilight Princess,’ the same appearance she used for ‘Brawl.' The same can be said of Link. Between the release of ‘Brawl’ and the reveal of the new Smash Bros., ‘Skyward Sword’ was released – but it appears Nintendo intentionally opted not to use the designs from that game.

The realistic style used in ‘Twilight Princess’ lends itself toward making Zelda look elegant and regal so as to befit her title – not to mention it differentiates her drastically from Peach, which is perhaps the reason why the ‘Skyward Sword’ Zelda was left unused.

In ‘Brawl,’ Zelda could transform into Shiek, gaining an entirely new moveset and becoming a much different character altogether. The screenshots indicate that she may not have this power this time, but it appears she can instead invoke the Darknut warrior from ‘Spirit Tracks’ to dole out some damage.

The new ‘Super Smash Bros.’ is listed still for a tentative and vague release date of 2014 for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Don’t be surprised if it ends up shipping exactly one year from now, in December – but by then, it is likely be a polished beast with an incredible roster at least double the size of what we have now.