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Zeds Dead Comes Alive at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

If you've seen the cult classic film, Pulp Fiction, you should be well acquainted with the character, Zed. However, if you haven't seen the Quentin Tarantino gem, the reference of this DJ's name may be unclear. Let us enlighten you...

Zeds Dead Performs at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

In the film, Zed plays a violently brutal rapist, who is later killed in the film by Bruce Willis' character, Butch. In the electronic dance music realm, Zeds Dead are an Canadian electronic music duo composed of Dylan Mamid and Zach Rapp-Rovan.

When Zeds Dead first appeared on stage at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA, they opened their set with a sample from the infamous scene in Pulp Fiction where Butch tells his girlfriend,

Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead.

This is the cue to the audience to strap themselves in for a night of musical toil and trouble. You hear the sound clip of a motorcycle revving, chopped between a booming bass and progressive house beat, and it becomes official. Zeds Dead have arrived- let the chaos ensue.

The beauty about Zeds Dead is that you don't have to be familiar with their music to like them. You can walk into any show or festival they are playing at and begin dancing ferociously. Why? Because Zeds Dead has a knack for taking classic fan favorites, remixing them and warping them into cutting-edge tracks.

For instance, when Zeds Dead played recognizable tracks such as Jimi Hendrix’s "Purple Haze," and the original version of Blur’s "Song 2," the concert's dance floor turned into a stampede of raging party animals. While many may not conceive this act as completely original, Zeds Dead's talent lies on something their peers are sometimes lacking, and that is to make a crowd move.

The experience of attending their concert is similar to watching an edge of your seat thriller, there is no breathing room in between takes. Fans contort to every twist and turn of the musical Rubik's cube, shifting constantly, varying in style and influence, ranging from the atmospheric and soulful deep house to ear chiseling dubstep.

Their most recent album, Somewhere Else EP, released on July 1st. They collaborated with both EDM and rap heavyweights, including Big Gigantic, Bright Lights, Omar LinX, Memorecks, Twin Shadow, D’Angelo Lacy, Sean Price and Perry Farrell.

Zeds Dead is not afraid to let their vocalists' shine. They understand that when it comes to music production, the power of the group is stronger than that of the individual.

"Collapse" was the first song to debut off the new album. For this track, Memoreck takes the reins . The result is a candy land of sweet and sour vocals and piano. Next, the track, "Stoned Capone," is a gritty, jazz ensemble that brings out the lyrical beast that is Omar LinX. Omar raps about the brutal realities of the disease of addiction.

While Zed remains deceased in Pulp Fiction, Zeds Dead is most certainly alive and well.

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