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Zebra finches are pet birds that are fun to watch

zebra finches are fun to watch
zebra finches are fun to watch
Shelley Garza

Overall zebra finches make wonderful pets for people who enjoy birds but do not want the intensive care that larger parrots require. Although many people prefer to keep zebra finches in outdoor aviaries, it is sometimes preferable and more enjoyable to keep them indoors so you can watch and enjoy them as pets.

Zebras finches are fun to watch as they interact with eachother and their surroundings. The little birds fly back and forth in their cages, make cute sounds, and appreciate all the food that you give them. They also love to look outside and will make a noises that sound like laughing when they see something that peaks their interest. Zebras over time become familiar with their owners and are less scared especially when they see that their owner gives them food and cleans the cage on a regular basis.

Zebra finches also love to take baths. Owners can provide a daily dish of cool fresh water and can delight to see the finches eagerly jump in the dish and flop around. The birds love to stay clean and really enjoy baths on a regular basis. Relatively quiet the female zebra finch makes small one note sound and the male zebra will often produce short tunes that can be somewhat loud on occasion.

Zebra finches are easy to keep as pets requiring only moderate care. Generally inexpensive, these cute birds can live up to 10-years of age and are a great first time bird. When keeping a pair of caged zebras, basically all a bird owner needs to do is keep the cage clean, cover the cage at night, make sure birds are safe, give them some variety of food, and provide fresh water daily. Owners should be sure also to have a large enough cage for the birds so that they can easily fly and provide the birds with a variety of different perches and swings, as well as a nest. It’s also important to offer them some sunlight occasionally for the birds overall health as well.

On the negative side, owners of zebra finches have to clean the cage often and wipe it down daily, as well as having to contend with the minor noise at times. Then there is the seed mess that must be swept and vacuumed frequently. Also if you have a male-female pair, breeding issues can arise as zebra finches are prolific breeders which will entail extra food, mess, and then finding homes for the many baby birds. On the other hand potential zebra finch owners should consider same sex pairs if they do not intend to breed, as zebras do need and prefer company. Another consideration is that you cannot cuddle a zebra finch and although it is possible to hand tame a zebra finch by hand feeding; they are mostly pets that you can watch and admire.

For more info go to zebra finch info or finch world. Follow me on twitter.   



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