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Zayo Group under financial pressure and looking to sell FiberGate to Retelit

Cybersecurity a growing concern.
Cybersecurity a growing concern.
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In CNN news today, senior international correspondent Nic Robertson and producer Victoria Eastwood discuss the sentiment in Iraq over American involvement in the crisis going on there. It appears that involvement in Iraq is not the only interaction going on these days and within the financial world, there are some global interactions that are happening on US soil.

There is always a lot happening in the financial world. For this reason, many times acquisitions of companies go unnoticed and do not receive the same amount of attention. Understandably, it is much easier to notice a global crisis or US involvement in a global incident, than other global events than a financial negotiation, happening somewhat quietly in a conference room or virtual meeting.

This year, website attacks are rising at an all-time high. In April, TechTarget’s SearchSecurity reported a Verizon data breach and the concern over this rise of attacks on web applications. According to Tech Times, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may actually choose to intervene in the business dealings of network providers and telecommunications companies, if companies don’t boost cybersecurity. The question is, how do these FCC requirements affect global transactions, or do they?

One such privately-owned network provider is Zayo Group, out of Boulder, Colorado. Zayo has gone through their own string of acquisitions, but according to a report, Zayo may be selling their FiberGate to Retelit, a data services and telecommunications provider out of Italy.

FiberGate, which happens to provide dark fiber services in areas of Washington D.C., maintains around 650 miles of fiber optic lines not just in the nation’s capital but Maryland and Virginia, as well. According to Business Week, they happen to have clients that include agencies of the U.S federal government along with enterprises and communication carriers.

Zayo Group, founded in 2007 is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services headquartered in Colorado, London, and Paris, completed the purchase of FiberGate in June 2012. According to Zayo’s report (PDF), this transaction took place within the confines of financing $3.3 billion in equity and debt.

However, now they appear to be in a position of selling this product/service and it appears to be going on the global auction block.

Acquisitions have more to offer than just financial gains, with an interlinking process on a global level, tying us together even closer than the ocean between us.

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