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Zayn Malik dead? Death hoax kills One Direction member on Twitter

Zayn Malik
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Zayn Malik isn't dead despite "reports" to the contrary. On March 31, news that the One Direction member died hit the Internet and quickly began trending on Twitter. According to Gossip Cop the rumors started after a fake news report by BBC (doctored) that claimed that Zayn had been "found dead" in his hotel room. This isn't the first time that a death hoax took off on Twitter but because of Zayn's fan-following and popularity, many people took this seriously and were very upset.

Fortunately, sites like Gossip Cop were able to debunk the rumor quickly before things got way out of hand. Apparently this was an April Fool's Day prank.

Zayn Malik isn't dead but he hasn't tweeted since March 22 which made some people wonder if this rumor could be true. However these death hoaxes gain momentum the more people tweet about them and talk about them on social media sites which causes the rumor to keep on circulating. At this time, most people have realized that Malik isn't dead but the trend is still going because people are still talking about it.

Malik is one of the five members of One Direction, a group put together by Simon Cowell on "X Factor UK."

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