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Zaydee Fights for Her Freedom in Holy Ghost Writer's "The Anonymous Girl"

Holy Ghost Writer

The Holy Ghost Writer – whose identity is still a mystery – has written several novels that have easily become best-sellers. The author of “That Girl Started Her Own Country” brings to his/her readers the follow-up of Zadyee’s adventures in “The Anonymous Girl.” The Holy Ghost Writer has managed to successfully combine various elements, ranging from surreal to romance, and added a touch of humor to the whole story, thus creating a fast-paced, entertaining techno-thriller.

“The Anonymous Girl” deals with various themes and ideas, each of them developing and becoming more profound as the story progresses. The well-built character and the original plot, together with the high-quality writing technique contribute to creating an incredible reading experience – you are bound to find yourself completely immersed in Zaydee’s world and engrossed in the story. Not only is this novel an action-packed thriller, but it also holds many surprises in store and well-crafted twists. Fans of zombie novels and TV shows will surely enjoy “The Anonymous Girl,” but you will have to read it for yourselves if you want to learn more about this.

Probably the best element in the Holy Ghost Writer’s latest book is the main character, Zaydee. The protagonist is the perfect portrayal of an independent, confident, and intelligent woman, reminding us of other such female characters – for example, Stieg Larsson’s Lisabeth Salander – who confidently and courageously pursue their goals. These female characters know how to stand up for themselves, they do not accept defeat, and they never accept passively any sort of derogatory comment.

The girl with violet eyes, Zaydee, is imprisoned under a false accusation in the Miami Federal Detention Center. When she refuses to reveal her true identity, the media starts calling her "Princess Jane Doe," thus receiving the attention of a whole nation who is obsessed by scandals. Caught in this difficult situation, Zaydee must fight for her freedom, confronting both the judge and the FBI agents who wrongly sent her to prison. You may find “The Anonymous Girl” on Amazon.

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