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Zara pulls pajamas: Kid's garb conjures memories of Nazi concentration camp era

Zara shirt pulled after backlash about it resembling a Nazi concentration camp uniform.
Zara shirt pulled after backlash about it resembling a Nazi concentration camp uniform.
Zara / Facebook

It was a fashion fail of epic proportions when a shirt resembling Nazi concentration camp uniforms was added to Zara’s line of clothing for kids. The fashion chain, which is known globally, not only pulled the shirt, they also issued an apology, according to CBS News on Aug. 28.

Zara took the shirt out of circulation on Wednesday amid the backlash from the public saying that the shirt is very similar to what the Jewish people in Nazi concentration camps were forced to wear. The shirt’s horizontal blue and white stripes was adorned with a six-point star and it went on sale in three European countries, but not Israel, reports MSN News today.

The star was even fixed to the shirt in the exact place the concentration camp uniforms had their star placed. The Nazis forced the prisoners to wear the Star of David in the exact place that Zara’s shirt had their star on the kid’s top. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote that the garment is “hauntingly reminiscent of a darker era.”

Zara, boasts over 2,000 stores in 88 countries recently stopped selling a t-shirt with the slogan, “White is the new black” after receiving backlash from that shirt. It doesn’t sound as if Zara recognized the resemblance of their shirt to the concentration camp uniforms when first putting the shirts up for sale.

Once it was pointed out, they acted on this immediately and discontinued the item. They were going for a star often seen on a sheriff in a western film, said the spokesperson for the Zara company. As you can see by the picture above, this also resembles a sheriff's badge from the old westerns.