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Zapatista - A great place to cheat on your diet!

Zapatista on a snowy night
Zapatista on a snowy night
Zina Munoz

Everyone who is on a diet knows the urge to cheat can be overwhelming.  Sometimes, the best thing to do is give into that urge.  Why?  Because a controlled deviation from your diet is a much smarter than going on an all out eating binge.  And, if you are going to deviate from your diet, it is best to do so where the food is delicious, the service is great and you will have a satisfying experience.  This will allow you to go back on the straight and narrow with no regrets.

Why Zapatista?  Because it is an excellent restaurant serving a variety of Mexican dishes that are authentically prepared.  The portion sizes are not overwhelming.  The ratio between carbs, proteins, and fats in the majority of their dishes is reasonable.  There is a wide variety of choices available from meats to fish to poultry and even some quite outstanding vegetarian fare.

Located in the South Loop, Zapatista's atmosphere is as unique as its food.  In the winter months, the place has the feel of a rustic hideaway.  In the summer months, the front doors are thrown open and it feels like being in a cantina somewhere in rural Mexico.  Enjoy their refreshing margaritas or mojitos and prepare for a feast that will satisfy your palate while not pillaging your wallet.  The average cost of a meal at Zapatista's is $10-$20.

Zapatista, 1307 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago - (312) 435-1307

Remember, the best way to diet is to make permanent lifestyle changes.  Learn to eat healthier and do not deny yourself the occasional treat.  Your weight loss might not be dramatic but improving your eating habits will provide you with benefits that can last a lifetime.