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ZAP makes Christians and libertarians compatible

The Christian Post published a long article titled "5 Reasons Christianity and Libertarianism are Compatible, Young Evangelicals Say."

Christian/Libertarian flag: The Christian cross superimposed on the Voluntaryist flag makes a symbolic example of compatibility.

The article was a report about a panel presentation at The International Students for Liberty Conference on Saturday, February 15.

It took the article over a thousand words to summarize the panel's five reasons for this compatibility. Maybe some Christians needed persuasion. Maybe some Christians had never even thought about it before.

Meanwhile, it takes libertarians four words to summarize one reason: "The Zero Aggression Principle."

ZAP is the libertarian's foundational principle, which states that no one has a right to initiate force, intimidation or fraud against another.

Beyond that, due to the simple reality that every individual owns himself or herself, everyone is free to do as one choses, which includes the right to use defensive force against coercion, intimidation and fraud.

Which means that even if a Christian is also a pacifist Christianity and libertarianism are still compatible; libertarians by definition don't force anyone to defend anyone, even themselves.

This is the one incredibly simple truth that few non-libertarians ever seem to get: compatibility with libertarianism simply means the rejection of coercion and the acceptance of voluntaryism.

In the end everyone of every religion, philosophy, ideology, political persuasion, creed, dogma, faith, doctrine and lifestyle is compatible with libertarians once they reject the notion that they have some sort of "right" to force their beliefs on others.

That means all forms of voluntary collectivism are compatible with libertarianism.

If a group of people want to acquire some real estate through some sort of mutually voluntary means and build a commune or co-op or socialist society on it and live as communists or socialists or liberals or progressives dream of living they have every right to do so as long as no one is forced to join, forced to participate, forcibly prevented from leaving or coerced, intimidated or defrauded in any way at any time.

If workers voluntarily create and own the means of production no libertarian would prevent them from setting up such a society and some would almost certainly join them.

It's just that they can't impose their dream on anyone else via government or any other gangland type operation.

The message of ZAP is simple and eloquent; do as you wish and leave all others alone.

So let the Culture War continue, but only as a Cold War.

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