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Zano Bow, small in stature, big in power

Zano Bow, high flying shooting fun-slide0
Zing Toys

Ready, set, and take aim with the new Zano Bow. Unlike the traditional bow from Zing Toys, this new version packs a big punch in a small form. While kids enjoy the pull and shoot fun, adults might borrow the Zano Bow for some office target practice.

Zano Bow from Zing Toys
Zing Toys

The Zano Bow is about one third of the size of the Z-Curve Bow. This bow and arrow combo has the patented Zing launch technology in a smaller form. The shorter bungees offer a faster, powerful shot. While the Zano Bow is compact, the Zartz Arrow can fly up to 30 feet.

The Zartz Arrow has a suction cup attached to the base. This patented technology allows the arrow to stick to almost any surface. The Zano Bow comes with a target, but other objects can be used as well. From aiming at the bedroom wall to the backyard fence, kids of all ages (adults included) will have hours of fun improving their aim.

The arrows are easy to use. The hooks on the arrows fit snugly into the launch loops. When removing the arrows from a surface, remember to pull gently from the end, not from the fins of the arrow.

While this toys is for ages 4 and up, smaller children should be supervised when using it. They should be reminded to always aim at a flat surface and never at another person.

Even as a fun toy, the Zano Bow has educational benefits as well. There are many scientific aspects to playing with this toy. Playtime can start a discussion on physics, aerodynamics and even mathematics. It is an easy way to make learning fun.

The Zano Bow comes in three versions, classic, Air Hunterz and Air Huntress. Each Zano bow comes with two arrows. Additional arrows can be purchased.

Zano Bow retails for $9.99.

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