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Zaggkeys Flex keyboard works with iOS and Android

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Bluetoooth keyboards are plentiful these days. Tablet keyboards are either too limited or too cramped. If you are looking for a solution that you can use on an iPad, iPad mini, Android tablet, or even an smartphone, you may wish to consider the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard by ZAGG.

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Pairing the ZAGGkeys Flex with an iPad was easy. The iPad did require a code to be entered on the keyboard itself. However, it was as simple as turning on the device and pressing the button on the back for your operating system.

Setting up the stand was a little scary at first and it seemed like the iPad would cause it to fall over just from the weight. However, if you follow the simple instructions included with the keyboard, it stands secure on a flat surface and on an arm of a couch. It is not recommended to keep the device balanced like this for any length of time, but tested turned out OK.

The ZAGGkeys Flex doesn't seem as cramped as many other iPad keyboards. This makes typing easy and comfortable. With the ability to separate the keyboard from the stand, it is easy to find the right fit for just about most situations. The keyboard may feel a bit light and made from cheaper plastic, but it stand up quite well. It even has two little feet on the bottom to help prop up the keyboard so you can type at an angle instead of against a flat surface.

CAPs lock works well and a little light comes on when CAPs are on. The arrow keys work well in the Notes App and Word Processing applications. It was comfortable using the SHIFT key and the arrow keys to select multiple lines or paragraphs of text. Most of this review was typed and edited using the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard itself with an iPad.

The copy and paste function on the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard works just like it does on a normal keyboard, desktop or laptop. If you would like to use the onscreen keyboard, it is just a button away as well. Pressing what looks like a little world key brings up search is iOS 7.

You can even control the volume with keys in the top right of the keyboard. This comes in handy when you are playing back music from an app and using the audio control keys or Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track. Using another key on the top row, you can easily mute the playback.

The ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard was not tested long enough to run down the battery. However, Zagg indicates that it will give you several weeks of normal use. If you forget to turn off the keyboard, it goes into sleep mode and can be woken up with the press of a key.

If you are in the market for a keyboard that can be used with multiple devices, you may wish to consider the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard. It is available on Amazon, AT&T, and many other websites between $59 and $79.