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Zady Private Party Creates Conversation Around Sustainability in Fashion

Zady Event
Zady Event

Zady Event NYC – Caledonia Rooftop
Thursday May 29, 2014

Zady co-founders Maxine Bedat and Soraya Darabi have created a great new shopping platform and they are creating interesting dialog around the topic of sustainable fashion, one that is trickling throughout New York City and beyond. Last night, friends and family were invited for a beautiful “Rose On The Rooftop” night to enjoy all of Zady’s wonderful products and introduce their inner circle to each other. First of all, what is Zady and what makes it so special? “No more fashions that ends in landfills, no more production with questionable roots. We’re going back to honesty and quality. We’ve searched the world for expertly crafted pieces with transparent origins, that are timeless in style, and made from the best materials.” A beautiful concept brought a beautiful crowd that gathered around all sorts of quality made goods from candles and handbags to denim ties, men and women’s ready-to-wear fashion to jewelry. All goods were in a taste of trendy and high fashion, which is no happenstance in this industry, when paired with environmentally friendly and production conscious practices.

There was endless Rose bottles popping and provided by the co-sponsor for the event, Naked Wines, which is a forward thinking wine company concept…obviously. They make expensive wine accessible to normal people by funding independent winemakers to set up their own businesses and get preferential prices in return. You can even become and Angel on their website to support their winemakers. Zady combined forces with Naked Wine to create this exclusive event that no press was invited to. I luckily made my way in with a friend of the founder and found myself very lucky to be there, indeed! A quick introduction and thank you by one of the founders for all the support they have received was very endearing and they even thanked their new interns. I mean, seriously? Who are these people? This group is awesome to say the least and in fashion; rare. A great energy swept the room and a nice turnout for the party given the winter flashback we were reminded of here in NYC yesterday. The party was moved into the penthouse to accommodate the weather and actually made the event even more intimate. That Rose did wonders to forget about the chill in the air and more importantly it reminded us that summer is upon us and that we are now all searching for our perfect summer outfits and gear. And while we wait, bubbles in hand, we shop and talk about fashion and the future.

Zady has witnessed over the past decade that disposable fashion has taken over. They declare that we as a society are being trained to buy more and more product of increasingly lower quality. This method of production and consumption leaves no room for craftsmanship, the environment, or working conditions. All of these things will in turn affect our future and our future generations. So in order to sell with Zady, they have a Transparency of Production tactic to ensure they deliver only the best to their shoppers. There are six qualities a product is reviewed for in order to meet their criteria for sustainability. These are Locally Sourced, High Quality Raw Materials, Origins, Environmentally Conscious, The Bootstrap Project affiliation, and Handmade. The Bootstrap Project is their sister non-profit organization that Zady contributes 5% of all their profits towards. The project works to revive craft traditions in developing countries bringing sustained economic opportunity to disadvantaged artisans around the world. Once approved Zady will buy from makers and you can purchase them at Zady connects you directly to the makers who produce the products you buy on their site. The event was filled with smiles and lots of talk of the future of fashion, as the socially conscious would like to see it. It is nice to see the fashion industry with a spine. Hopefully this type of moral conscious around product development, buying, promoting, and selling will become contagious and cross not only throughout the fashion industry but also into every other one that we, reading this article, partake in as consumers.