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Equity crowdfunding is quite a different animal than reward based crowdfunding. Both take planning, however, the kind of plan is for equity crowdfunding includes research. After closely following the crowdfunding industry for over 2 years, Zacks Investment Research will be entering the crowd finance space with a first of its kind offering. Independent research reports provided to companies seeking to raise funds through equity crowdfunding. These research reports will be available to companies seeking investment on any registered Title III crowdfunding platform.

Imagine a well-respected research group that provides investment details on 1,100 companies, 5,000 mutual funds and 1,000 exchange-traded funds bringing this same level of expertise to the equity crowdfunding market.

It means the availability of professional, independent research on crowdfunded issues.

In short, this is a new paradigm for the crowdfund investing. With Equity Crowdfunding, you have investors who need specific information in order to make a decision. they no longer have to go in blind and just trust their gut. They can now look at real numbers on a real report. They have a special offer: The first five companies accepted by Zacks Investment Research will have reports created free of charge, these research reports will also be updated to reflect the Crowdfunding Portal they will be listed on when that information becomes available. is the second largest independent financial research firm in the nation.

If you are interested in having your companies Title III crowdfunded security independently reviewed and ranked by Zacks CF Research, please fill in the basic information request on the top right of this page.

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