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Zack Snyder claims 'The Dark Knight Returns' impacts 'Batman vs. Superman'

 Director Zack Snyder attends the 'Man of Steel' Japan premiere at Roppongi Hills on August 21, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.
Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images

According to Comic Book Therapy on Feb. 9, in an interview with Zack Snyder about "300: A Rise of an Empire", the "Batman vs. Superman" director was asked if the "Man of Steel" sequel will be a direct adaptation of the Frank Miller comic series "The Dark Knight Returns". Snyder did say it would not, however he did mention there would be some kind of influence in regards to the history of the "Batman vs. Superman" film.

“But the comic book will influence the history of Batman Vs. Superman, on which the writer David S. Goyer and myself will work".

Snyder also touched the reason why he brought on Ben Affleck as Batman. It was mainly due to the fact that has the experience needed to give a graphic mental representation of the Dark Knight's aged experience and a rather more advised individual that would exceed that of Clark Kent's.

“He has the experience necessary to paint the picture of an older and more advised man than Clark Kent, who bears the scars of a seasoned vigilante while retaining the charm that Bruce Wayne deploys when present in the world".

Snyder did also mention he is looking forward to working closely with Affleck. Also it seems additional sites are preparing for a presentation entailing Ben Affleck as Batman coming in a short amount of time. Even though the film has been pushed back to almost a full year, the air of mystery surrounding "Batman vs. Superman" is keeping fans interested.

"Batman vs. Superman" is scheduled to released on May 6, 2016.

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