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Zack Kopplin discusses evolution versus creationism in the classroom

David Viviano, host of Dogma Debate’s Atheist Hangouts sat down with activist Zack Kopplin.

Zack, as many of you may know is a young man who took on the Louisiana State Government in their attempt to teach creationism and undermine evolution in the classroom. He has gone up against senators from around the US and even has an outstanding challenge to Michele Bachmann.

In this interview Zack shares his story, his success and failures and discusses the road ahead. Zack’s story is inspiring and should be seen as a huge call to action for all of those who care about education and especially scientific education. The religious right to determined to win this battle and it is up to us to defend the truth and make sure all kids educated in scientific facts, not religious myths.

Do you know the educational climate in your school district? Share your stories in the comments!

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