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Zachary Quinto teases ‘complicated’ character in 'Agent 47' at Comic-Con

Actor Zachary Quinto spent a lot of time getting his body in shape for a new action role in the upcoming film “Hitman: Agent 47.” On Monday, the “Star Trek” star appeared at Comic-Con in San Diego to help promote the film with co-star Hannah Ware. Quinto teased that his character in the film is a more “complicated” character than he sounds.

 'Agent 47' actors Zachary Quinto (L) and Hannah Ware take a break from Comic-Con to Skype with fans in the Microsoft VIP Lounge on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Xbox)
Photo by John Sciulli

Quinto, who is also known for his role in “Heroes,” plays a mysterious character by the name of John Smith in the movie adaptation of the video game series. Although the name of the character may seem generic, Quinto promised, “The character is more complicated than the name.” The film starring Rupert Friend is a sequel to the 2007 “Hitman” movie starring Timothy Olyphant. The film is labeled as a dynamic and high stakes action film and one that Quinto is excited to be apart of.

Explaining his “complicated” character, Quinto said, “The character I play in the movie exists in the world of the video game but in a peripheral way, so for me it wasn’t about playing the video game to understand the character – and Hannah’s character is not in the game. I think Rupert actually did go into the game a little bit and explore the world through the game because he is the titular character. So it makes sense for him in a way. Prep for a movie, any role, is just very different depending on what is required.”

Quinto went on to say that he approached his role by setting himself free of any expectations or comparisons from the game. His job is to bring a character to life and that’s what he feels he has accomplished with the character of John Smith.

Fans of both the video game and the movie will certainly decide whether or not Quinto pulls it off, but that is something he is perfectly fine leaving up to them because he feels fans find their won connections to characters. Footage from the movie was unveiled at the pop-culture convention. The actual trailer for the film is due out next year, but Quinto used his opportunity to tease some of the scenes. He said, “We saw bits and pieces in Berlin and Singapore when we were shooting it, but to actually see it put together like that is epic.”

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