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Zach Deputy comes to the Opera House tonight

Zach Deputy mixes more than bass lines, chord progressions, and effects. He mixes musical styles from soul, R&B, Calypso, Latin, reggae and African music. All of this delivered by a man, his voice, his guitar and a few effects and loops. The sounds Zach Deputy produced have created a musical career that often finds him playing over 300 gigs a year and some of the biggest music festivals. Zach Deputy and his jams have become club and festival favorites. You can find out more about Zach at his website.

Billed as "Island-infused drum and bass, gospel ninja soul" Zach Deputy brings his unique show to the historic Opera House on Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Shepherdstown is West Virginia's oldest town and the quint town is a short drive from suburban Washington. The venue is located in the center of town at 131 West German Street. The venue has a great selection of adult beverages, specialty sodas, and the fresh popcorn with organic butter is a great treat for any show! You can learn more about this landmark venue at their website including ticket information and schedule of upcoming shows.

Come catch Zach Deputy when you can because chances are he will be in another town tomorrow! The Opera House brings some of the best music to West Virginia and is well worth the drive from Baltimore and Washington. Tickets were $10 in advance and are still reasonable at $15 for the day of the show tickets. It promises to be a unique musical experience in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

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