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Zach Braff's 'Wish I Was Here' first impressions

When it comes to hooking your fans on a film, a good trailer can make or break the desire to even consider seeing it in theaters. As we live in an age where the first 48 hours of your release are critical in the objective examination of its success or failure overall, first impressions are more important than ever. So when it comes to Wish I Was Here it's prudent that we take a look a few weeks in advance before its opening day July 18.

Filmmaker/actor Zach Braff attends Focus Features' 'Wish I Was Here' premiere at DGA Theater on June 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The film was crowd-funded by its fans on last year, and written by Zach Braff. As with his directorial debut Garden State (2004), it's expected to be quite a personal endeavor. Braff himself described the film as an illustration of life in your 30s; the next chapter, whereas Garden State examined life in your 20s. In hindsight, each decade of our growth is another chapter in our life, and so far, Braff has done well to imagine this theme in his movies.

However, when it comes down to crowd-funding a movie, the fans are going to expect some degree of service in return. By service, we mean, obviously, that they want it to be good. While everyone wants the films they see to be good, when you've become a financial backer on a project, there's a greater expectation. So let's get dissecting.

What we can gather from the trailer is that it is going to be another extremely personal narrative, but maybe not as heavy as Garden State was. As it happens, Jim Parsons and Donald Faison are set to appear in the movie; two characters of comedy, with the latter having spent years beside Braff as his co-star on Scrubs. If nothing else, these two actors playing opposite of Braff's lead will help float the comedic relief over the heartwarming and compelling story that he's crafted.

Overall, it's difficult to tell much of anything from just a two-minute trailer alone, but our first impressions are that this is a film you're going to want to check out. It's full of appropriately executed and natural humor that flows perfectly from the situations in each scene. As a man in his 40s, Braff has the keen insight as to what it's like to be a man in your 30s, let alone a father. This, plus his obvious talent in screenplay writing gives us a good idea that it will be an easy to watch, and digest, film for the summer. Maybe not the absolute best "dramedy" we see in 2014, but it merits itself a ticket for fans of the actor, director, and writer.

If it turns out not to be something to rave about, and it's likely it's not going up for any "best movie of the summer" proclamations -- eclipsed by so many blockbuster hits -- it'll still be an entertaining watch, and maybe there's a good message we can take away from it.

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