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Zach Baggans buys Gary Indiana haunted house

home haunted by demons in gary indiana
home haunted by demons in gary indiana
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Zach Bagans of the "Ghost Adventures" Crew has purchased the home in Gary Indiana on Feb. 2, 2014, that was deemed by local police as a "portal to hell" after receiving a call for help from the family. Bagans and the "Ghost Adventures" Crew investigates many haunted locations throughout the country looking for answers to the cause of the attacks.

Father Michael Maginot is a local priest that has done exorcisms on the family and the house as well agrees that the house is a "portal" to evil. According to Father Maginot the demon was trying to stop him from ridding the house of the evil.

"Bagans bought the home dubbed "a portal to hell" by police officials and witnesses who had encountered a wide range of supernatural activity firsthand for $35,000, and according to TMZ, he plans to live there and document his experience."

"The house was recently vacated by the Ammons family who insist they were tortured by nearly 200 demons since November 2011 and underwent multiple Catholic exorcisms to rid their bodies of the evil spirits, the Indianapolis Star reported."

More of the strange happenings, when police were called to the empty home a "figure" stood in the window without explanation or claim to a physical body. When the police entered the basement they heard someone or something say "Hey" and it was none of them that spoke that word.

Ammons had also taken her son to the emergency room at the hospital after he walked up the wall and did a backwards flip. The personnel at the hospital took off in disbeflief, "Ammons said, "They took off. They ran. The doctor from the psychiatric ward said, no human can do that, what that little boy just did."

The family could not afford to move for many years and had to endure this endless torture.

"If it's true this home is a portal to hell, then I want to go there and see what happens," Bagans told TMZ in an interview.


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