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Zac Efron skid row attack: Bodyguard says Efron saved his life

Zac Efron's bodyguard claims the actor was trying to save him when punched right in the mouth on Sunday night. On March 27, Hollywood Life reported on the details surrounding Zac Efron's skid row attack.

Details surrounding Zac Efron's skid row brawl are still sketchy.
Photo by Michael Buckner

Details surrounding Efron's fight with transients are still sketchy. Efron and is bodyguard, whose name has not been reported, were supposedly on their way to eat dinner when they ran out of gas in a bad part of Los Angeles.

According to Efron and his bodyguard, a group of homeless were upset after Efron threw a glass bottle out the window of his car while it was stopped. The offenders, who believed Efron threw the bottle at them, then started a confrontation with the actor and his bodyguard.

Efron's bodyguard said he was being attacked when, in a moment of bravery, Efron stepped in to help his friend. That was when one of the other men cold cocked Efron right in the mouth. The bodyguard claims to have been stabbed with a spear the other men were wielding.

Of course there are a few holes in Zac Efron's story that might look really suspect. For starters, this supposed bodyguard has a criminal record according to TMZ and chose not to identify himself. Second, the pair were in a really rough part of Los Angeles that is known to be a drug-riddled, high-crime area. Additionally, they claim the car ran out of gas. What is the likelihood of that?

Efron spent time in rehab twice last year for cocaine addiction. He also suffered a broken jaw in November and according to his account, Efron slipped on water.

Do you believe that Zac Efron was really on his way to dinner or is there more to the story? Post your theories in the comments.

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