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Zac Efron questioned about bedding Lindsay Lohan

Zac was questioned over his name being on Lindsay Lohan's list of conquests and the look on his face was priceless.
Photo by Michael Buckner

On March 22 Flecking Records shares a video of Zac Efron being questioned for his involvement with Lindsay Lohan.

Efron was caught getting into a friend's red car when he was stopped. While he was being questioned about bedding Lohan, he didn't deny or confirm that it happened, but he did looked shocked that he was being asked about it.

Either Lindsay's a liar and it didn't happen, Zac doesn't like Lindsay revealing their dirty little secrets, or he hasn't heard about this list.

While any of those are possibilities, there are still other names on the list that haven't been seen and most of the list is still unconfirmed. Some of the names on the list were not very surprising as Lindsay and said celeb had been seen around together and in some cases, reports of their dating had circulated. Zac Efron was one of the surprising names on the list because there had been no known contact between the two.

Do you think that Lindsay's lying about sleeping with Zac Efron or is he surprised that she would say anything?

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