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Zac Efron gets punched in the face during Skid Row fight

Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Photo by Michael Buckner

Zac Efron got into a bit of trouble on Sunday night when he was on Skid Row. The famous actor from "High School Musical" and "The Lucky One" said that they ran out of gas and that was the only reason that they were in that area. On March 27, Hollywood Life shared the news.

He was hanging out in his car when someone threw a bottle out of the window. Zac's body guard was with him as well. The bottle broke and it upset some nearby people. Zac and the body guard got out of the car and a fight started. During this fight, a transient homeless man punched him in the face.

The police did show up and see the fight. They got out and broke up the fight, but nobody had to go to jail. It sounds like it was a mutual fight and there was nobody to arrest over the altercation. Hopefully Zac's face will be just fine, but he did reveal that it was the hardest he has ever been hit in the face.