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Z. Loft Boutique and Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk
Downtown Art Walk

The Art Walk of downtown LA has become a historical event. What started as a few people looking at art several years ago, has now expanded to thousands of southern Californians flocking to the renovated downtown to purchase art and fashion. This event takes place every 2nd Thursday of each month and is primarily located in the "Gallery Row" section of downtown LA between 4th and 6th, Spring and Main. Within the past few months there have been quite a few new art galleries that have opened to showcase some amazing work by both local and nationally renowned artists. Art Walk is a great way for an artist to get his or her work out there to the public while being part of a movement thats about solidarity in the arts. 

Z. Loft Boutique is a fashion retail store that specializes in vintage, designer, and couture clothing for both men and women. what makes this store so unique is that it is run by stylists who hand pick each and every item in the store. Some items have only been worn once in a fashion show, or used to style a celebrity for a photo shoot. It is one of several fashion boutiques downtown that is part of the monthly Art Walk. Z. Loft Boutique was previously located on 7th St. at the corner of Main. However, it is now centrally located at 215 W. 6th St. in the SB Manhattan Loft building. The block of 6th St. in between Broadway and Main is the busiest section of the Art Walk and attracts thousands with its magnificent splendor and trendy stores that have unbelievable prices. Z. Loft Boutique is celebrating the locale transition by having a sale of up to 20% off certain items throughout the entire month. March Madness is in full effect downtown! 

Z. Loft Boutique

215 W. 6th St.

LA, CA. 90014


  • Debra 5 years ago

    Whoa, great details! The Art walk seems off tha chain! I will be there for sure next month & I'm bringing friends!

  • Debra 5 years ago

    I saw Z Loft Boutique's selection-AMAZING! items from all over the world! Each item was well thought out before being hand-picked, u can tell because of the unique-ness of every piece-SIMPLY SPLENDID.