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Z LaLa -- From Worst Dressed to Pop Star Spectacular

Her name is Z LaLa and although she might have been voted one of the Worst Dressed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, you have to hand it to her, she's not afraid to be different.

Z LaLa
Z LaLa

Best known for her song Fly Away, Z LaLa can sing in over 14 different languages including sign language. She has worked with producers that have worked with artists such as Prince and Black Eye Peas and is on her way to becoming a pop star everybody is talking about.

But she has another side to her, a side she shares when all the lights and cameras are off, a tender side. We asked her recently to speak to a group of young people via Google Hangout about her experiences with being bulllied. Z LaLa knows what it's like to different, to be misunderstood but has learned to harness her uniqueness in a way that benefits others.

In my interview with her today, Z LaLa shares with us her vision for music, the challenges of breaking on to the scene today and all about her new album.

How did you get your start?
Music has been in my blood since the day I was born. I always loved music. I started writing lyrics and coming up with my own songs at a very young age. I always knew I wanted to be a performer. At the age of 11, I began performing for the public and in school events and entered various competitions.

Your music is edgy to say the least. How do you keep your music fresh without being compared to other edgy artists?
I try to think outside the box.

What are the challenges of being a performer today compared to the way you think it would have been even 5 years ago?
I think some of the challenges are maintaining visibility in this ever so technologically developing world. You can compare it to being one of a million cars on the highway. How are you going to stand out? The Internet has made it very easy for everybody to showcase their music to the world. But on the other hand, it takes a lot of innovation and effort to break the mold.

The kids absolutely loved you when you helped us with our anti-bullying campaign. When you make music do you ever think about the impact it will have on young people? I mean, do you worry that you should sing a certain lyric or dress a certain way?
I loved the kids! They were so charming and adorable. I usually refrain from using profanity in my music. I do care about my appearance and the messages I send out to younger generations. I'm not conservative but at the same time I always keep it classy.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years as a performer?
In the next 3-5 years I see myself doing a lot more live performances in the United States and all over the world singing my songs in different languages bringing my music closer to the rest of the world. After all, performing in native languages, for instance Russian or Hebrew, will open up whole new audiences for me..

What do you have coming up next?
We're working on my new album which will come out next year. We're also custom making instruments for the live electro band we've been working on putting together

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