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Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection

Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection
Yves Rocher 2014 Summer Collection
Yves Rocher

This summer, look and smell like you've been vacationing by the Mediterranean Sea with Yves Rocher's 2014 collection. The color palette includes immaculate golds, piercing blues and bright vibrant yellows that emulate beautiful tropical flowers or the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

Developed in 1959, Yves Rocher is one of the first beauty brands to formulate it's products from plants and flowers. The ingredients are botanically based and include no parabens or unsafe chemicals.

Great for all skin complexions, this new summer makeup has chunky eye pencils in four different shades (yellow, copper, dark blue and turquoise) that are soft, easy to use and adds the perfect amount of color to the eyes. Use the eyeshadow compact trio to brighten eyes for a daytime look. Or use the blue eyeshadow from the compact to create a sultry evening look. Add more fun to your new eye by adding Yves Rocher's gold glittery mascara. It can be used alone or as a topcoat of your regular black mascara.

Love bright, colorful nails? The collection also includes 5 Yves Rocher Vernis nail polish that are great for wearing alone or all together. The small bottles that have just as small brushes, are perfect for creating nail designs. The gold and copper brown polish will remind you of island sand, while the pink polish is great to wear to a summer wedding or to the perfect mid-summer's night fete. Get matchy, matchy by wearing them with the luscious Yves Rocher lipgloss. Thick, but not too sticky, these glosses created high-intensity color with full shine.

Summer skin wouldn't be summer skin, without a great bronzing powder. The Yves Rocher Compact Bronzing Powder is three tanning colors that blend to create the perfect sun-kissed color.

*Bonus: Yves Rocher's 2014 summer collection includes an intoxicating fragrance and body wash. The Collection Ete is a mix of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin. The softness of perfume is fresh and elegant, but strong enough to withhold the summertime heat.

The entire collection is available this summer only at Yves Rocher.

Check out my blog later this week for how-to's and tutorial using the collection.