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Yup, It's That Time Again

Opening Day
Opening Day
Sean Crose

That's right, it's that time again. Fishing season is once more upon us here in Connecticut. It's been too long, people. Way, way, too long. But there's no time to complain. What's there's plenty of time to do, however, is fish. And there's plenty of places to fish here in Connecticut, beginning on Saturday.

First, there's the rivers. The Connecticut, the Farmington, the Housatonic. Expect all of them to have the kind of fish Connecticut anglers are looking for. Then there's the stocked lakes and ponds. Yup, they'll be loaded and ready to go this weekend. Like trout? Well, let's just say there will be plenty of places to cast out for trout this weekend. And that's not even taking bass into consideration.

Just remember to get yourself a license. It's important to have one in Connecticut. It's only right to have one, too. Why should others cough up the cash while you don't? Besides, officials will be out there on Saturday with the sole intent of catching those who don't have that the nod from Hartford to cast out in Connecticut's waters.

It will also be wise to freshen up on your material. Be sure you've got fresh line, fresh lures and fresh first aid supplies. Truth be told, you want your gear to be as bright and new as the 2014 fishing season. It's just the right way to start off the year.

Most importantly, remember to have fun this weekend. Fishing is one of the few true joys in life. The weather may be bad. The guy next to you may be annoying. Heck, you may even get skunked. But hey, you're fishing. Who's got it better than you? Get up on Saturday, get yourself a good breakfast, head out, cast off and enjoy. It's a yearly Connecticut tradition, after all.

Let the games begin.

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