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Yuna Kim won’t debate Olympic scores? Respects Adelina Sotnikova's win (photos)

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Yuna Kim isn't going to be put in the middle of a potential Olympic figure skating scandal that appears to be brewing in Sochi. After rumors hit the Russian competition about the questionable Olympic judging, the competitor was asked about her scores after her time on the ice. While some might jump at the chance to debate, Kim stepped away and offered respect to the new gold medal winner. According to USA Today on Thursday, she refused to comment on the scores.

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"Well, the scores are given by the judges so I am not in the right position to comment on it,” said Yuna Kim responding bluntly. She might be the only person in figures skating who isn't talking about the possibility of inflated scores or giving the Russians the Olympic gold because the competition was in Sochi.

Always graceful, it appears that Yuna Kim is satisfied with her Olympic silver medal and more importantly her great performance. It is so rare that a figure skater can come out with such confidence and show the world exactly what a perfect program looks like.

Don’t think for a minute that the figure skating community is not going to be looking over the scores of the Sochi Olympics. Apparently only hours after the performance figure skating judges around the world are already questioning if the scores were appropriate.

As for Yuna Kim, she skates off into the distance knowing she did her best and proving that grace and kindness is also found outside of the rink.