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Yuna Kim skates final time; figure skating legend announces retirement (photos)

Yuna Kim announces retirement after her Sochi Olympics performance
Yuna Kim announces retirement after her Sochi Olympics performance
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Yuna Kim fans saw her skate for the final time at the Sochi Olympics on Thursday night and it was beautiful. The popular South Korean skater came into the figure skating world with grace and beauty and she has now left in the same way. Only hours after grabbing the silver medal at the Sochi Olympics, the “Queen” of figure skating announced her retirement. According to NBC Sports on Thursday, the decision was given during a press conference after the Olympic competition, but Kim will be skating just one more time before she is gone for good.

Yuna Kim has had a decorated figure skating career. With a 2014 Olympic silver medal, a 2010 Olympic gold medal, two world championships the star has always done well on the ice for the world to see. Now that she is hanging up her skates it appears she is looking to find focus in other parts of her life.

The decision to quit figure skating is bittersweet for some fans. The star will not be ending her career until later this year. She is expected to skate one more time in South Korea for her fans at home. Offering a final look at her beautiful skating on the ice, the fans who see the performance in May are going to really give her a warm sendoff.