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2014 Winter Olympics

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Yuna Kim offers stunning short program in Olympic figure skating (10 photos)

Yuna Kim won the Olympic gold medal in 2010 and made the world pay attention to her program in Sochi. Returning to the figure skating competition once again, the athlete is looking to win Olympic gold. According to NBC Olympics on Tuesday, if the Olympic champion receives her second straight Olympic gold she’ll be just the third woman in history to do so. The score Yuna Kim received a 74.92 on Wednesday which was a massive score and the leading score in the short skate program after 18 skaters performing.

Yuna Kim of South Korea competes in the Figure Skating Ladies' Short Program.
(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

When Yuna Kim hit the ice the crowd in Sochi was extremely silent. It was a moment in history that the world wanted to watch. Offering few performances up to the Olympics, the figure skater has kept some of her best moves under wraps as she hasn’t been performing too much. With few issues for the commentators to be critical about, the star still shows her best work.

Yuna Kim didn’t allow any pressure to damage her performance. The 23-year-old figure skater kept her program clean, effortless and beautiful. The sensational moment had people holding their breath as the incredible athlete didn't miss a step.

Take a look at Yuna Kim in the photo slideshow. The nearly perfect program in Sochi has people delighted to watch.

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