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Yuna Kim offers effortless performance at Olympic Figure Skating Gala (photos)

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Yuna Kim didn't leave the Winter Olympics before performing one more time. The talented figure skater once again showed her beautiful moves to the fans at the Olympic Figure Skating Gala. It was the final event for the figure skaters in Sochi, but the performances weren't judged. Instead the program was offered to the fans who wanted to see their favorite skaters one more time before everyone goes home. According to Yahoo News on Saturday, the program highlights will be offered on NBC Olympics coverage in the evening, but some fans couldn't wait until then and watched it on live stream.

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Yuna Kim took the ice to perform to John Lennon’s single Imagine. Her figure skating offered a beautiful look at all her techniques. From her step sequence to jumps, she seemed to make the music come alive as she offered a fun program for the fans to watch.

Yuna Kim has already announced this will be her last Olympic performance. The star is retiring from figure skating and she is going out as a legend. Always able to make the medal podium, there was never an issue of Yuna Kim faltering on the ice as she was nothing less than perfect.

Take a look at Yuna Kim on the ice at the Olympic Figure Skating Gala. The athlete will be missed in future figure skating championships.