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Yum Yum Candles

Kenitra, Kelly and Chelsea
Kenitra, Kelly and Chelsea

You'll love the products from Yum Yum Candle everything they have smells great! The Mango Colada room spray will remind you of something wonderfully delicious like yummy candy, the Soy Massage Candle is so soothing refreshing and light and then there is the Lavender Vanilla soy candle that is great to burn during a bath and a cup of tea, so soothing. The candles burn clean and even with a light but noticeable crisp scent and the room spray last for hours and the packaging is very sleek and modern and goes with any decor. All products from Yum Yum Candle are handmade, high-quality and made with soy wax. Yum Yum Candle is owned and operated by Kenitra, Kelly and Chelsea and their candles are becoming increasingly popular. Their fun and creative attitudes makes customers very anxious to see what they have in store for next! Visit them at and check out their great products.

Spring Collection
Photo Courtesy of Yum Yum Candle