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2014 Winter Olympics

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Yulia Lipnitskaya's perfection at Olympic team figure skating stuns (10 photos)

Yulia Lipnitskaya might be a simple 15-year-old off the ice, but when she puts on a pair of skates, the young Russian woman is dynamic. The Olympic team figure skating event has people watching the ice and checking out new talent and Yulia Lipnitskaya may be the best story of the Winter Olympics. According to Forbes on Sunday, the athlete a budding superstar who definitely will raise TV ratings for Sochi and NBC.

Yulia Lipnitskaya captures the world's attention in Olympic team figure skating
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Thinking that every move on the ice has been done before? Well, one look at Yulia Lipnitskaya’s short program on Saturday or her other program for the team medal on Sunday and you might change your mind. The athlete makes every move on the ice look completely effortless. Add that she can bend and move ways that people didn't even think were possible.

The Winter Games have always focused on the ice. Whether it be the hockey skating or figure skating it seems that the world wants to check out how people can move so well on such small blades. In Sochi, the focus of the Olympic Games might be even narrower as people really try to catch Yulia Lipnitskaya on ice.

Author's note: Viewers might see Yulia Lipnitskaya also spelled as Julia Lipnitskaya. Both are correct! The Russian translation for the figure skater's name is very similar and fans around the world use both spellings.

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