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Yuengling ice cream: 29 years later, Yuengling is back with traditional flavors

Yuengling ice cream is making a big return this season, and ice cream lovers everywhere are rejoicing that the Pennsylvania-originated brewery is coming back with the frozen dessert. While the brewery won’t be working on any beer-flavored ice cream, after 29 years on hiatus, they will be making their comeback with a variety of traditional (and even some more unique) flavors. USA Today shares what’s whetting people’s taste buds with this food news this Jan. 17, 2014.

Yuengling ice cream: 29 years later, Yuengling is back with traditional flavors
Photo File, Courtesy of Slant Investor Place

Having Yuengling ice cream back is long overdue in the opinions of many people, and based on what feedback Yuengling has received so far, the response to their anticipated return is overwhelmingly positive. The Pennsylvania-based ice cream maker and brewery will be offering traditional flavors following their 29 years away from the scene with vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and of course chocolate options. Belgian chocolate and salty caramel are two more unique options for those with somewhat more acquired tastes.

According to the press release, Yuengling’s will be bringing individual quarts of ice cream back on certain national shelves this Feb. 2014. All Weis and Acme grocery stores have been confirmed to be carrying the frozen dessert, while a number of independent markets in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Yersey, and New York are also cited to be carrying the ice cream. Early prices for Yuengling ice cream quarts are between $5.49-$5.99 for each quart.

For those aware of the company’s roots, the brewery was founded almost two centuries ago, back in 1829. Yuengling opted into the diary business in 1920 when their booze sales took a tremendous hit following Prohibition. Since then, Yuengling has made popular ice cream for over 65 years.

“However, roughly 29 years ago, the company opted to stop making ice cream due to a lack of an opportune successor, and because business with the brewery was becoming more successful. At that time, none of the children of president Frederick "Fritz" Yuengling were able to take over the lead position of the company.

Starting in 2013, son David Yuengling is bringing Yuengling ice cream back. Leaving his computer industry behind, he is once again returning to the family’s old ice cream business with its traditional flavors. Yuengling noted that he had spent many years wondering if he did the right thing not inheriting his father’s company, but now feels that he has that opportunity once again.

"I get that second chance now," David Yuengling revealed.

“Yuengling's Ice Cream and the brewery are two separate companies. David Yuengling's cousin owns the brewery, though the two often work in tandem.”

If you live in one of the regions selling this ice cream, be sure to enjoy the food and treat your taste buds to the frozen dessert!

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