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Yucca Mok Folk

Shopping in Memphis is a great experience. There are so many retail stores, malls and outlets around the city. One of the most exciting shopping experiences is shopping for shoes. One name brand shoe that is grabbing attention is the boat shoe.

The Yucca Mok Folk: Some say these footwear items are newer versions of last year’s boat shoe. Well, yes and no, they are some of the latest new fashion trends for the modern style, guru. Although they do resemble Boat shoes, they are so much more. So what is a boat shoe, anyway? Boat shoes are comfortable, stylish and durable, as seen with the general public who appreciate them. They have become a favorite comfortable footwear choice for men all over the country.

Loosely classified as a prep style, these shoes are recently showing up more and more on the Urban scene. But, there is a better version of this classic, formulating new design ideas and craftsmanship. It seems this shoe gets better and better through innovative the designer’s creativity. Although this shoe is not new, by any means, It may have a chance at becoming a classic. The Yucca Mok Folk, a noteworthy fashion accessory, is one of Visvim's greatest designs. Visvim, a Japanese shoe and clothing line, was created and is presently owned by Hiroki Nakamura. There is an interesting fact about the Yucca Mok Folk design. Apparently Hiroki was influenced by the fine arts when creating some of his footwear. In fact, he takes pride in the material and the handling of each individual product. His goal has always been to provide high-quality designs that, both yield to artistic structure and hold faithful to environmental factors.

These shoes come in several different color schemes, while retaining classic structure to appeal to their former customers. It’s no wonder that Visvim’s creations can be found throughout the world. Shops in Japan, the United States and in London, all showcase the designs. You never know, you might just have one of the dynamic accessories practically in your backyard if you live in major cities such as New York or Las Angeles. Since the style derives from the familiar boat shoe, it is appreciated as a classic style and also as an innovative new product on the market. With contrasts in stitching and slightly different design structures throughout the piece, the Yucca Moc Folk has become a trending new product design. Visvim has also included their signature, tooled right into the leather or suede. Yes, this shoe is dynamic in that it comes in both textures, showcasing its versatile qualities. The overall voice about these redone classics is varied. Some reviews say that these shoes are over-rated and “so last year”. Others, and I will say the majority of reviews that I have read, are still backing this “prep school” classic, turned urban sensation. Since this “boat shoe” is so popular among the majority, this classic should be a new hit.

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