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YRESIM loves company at Sunshine Studios Live

Yresim loves company at Sunshine Studios Live.
Yresim loves company at Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— YRESIM brought an eclectic blend of rock to Sunshine Studios Live, on March 14. They were the opening act, along with A Fatal Feeling. James and the Rebels was the direct support and Awaken the Prophets was the headliner.

YRESIM loves company at Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney

Kelly Moon is the vocalist, Jeff Stroessner is the guitarist and backup vocalist, Mike Argo is the drummer and Joel Thomas is the bassist of YRESIM.

Blue lights flickered in various directions upon the stage, before YRESIM began their performance with “YRESIM”. After Stroessner approached his microphone stand, he greeted the spectators. Shortly after— Argo began to strike his drums and Thomas and Stroessner accompanied him. After Moon sang the first chorus, Stroessner followed with a guitar solo. As the song came to an end—Argo struck his cymbals alternately, to end the song.

Before “Slip Away”, Stroessner grabbed ahold of his microphone stand and moved it closer to him. He asked the bands on the bill which band would follow YRESIM. A Fatal Feeling’s drummer, Seth Chasteen, waved his arm. Stroessner noticed him right away and mentioned the band’s name several times, before they continued.

Stroessner believed YRESIM had one more for the crowd and members of the audience shouted they wanted two more instead. He smiled back at the crowd and began the song with an instrumental for “Hold Me Down”.

Afterwards, Stroessner spoke to the sound technician and asked if it was all YRESIM had time for. He was told they still had more time, if they wanted to occupy it. The crowd cheered and they continued with “Hurricane”. The onlookers formed a short-lived small mosh pit, as soon as the song began.

More time was granted by the sound technician, YRESIM continued to take advantage of it and performed “Rearrange”. During Stroessner’s guitar solo, white lights shined directly at him and he showcased his ability to shred.

“Alive” brought an end to YRESIM’s concert. Audience members walked closed to the stage, in order to record the song with their smartphones. Moon took notice of one and waved. Stroessner accompanied Moon with backup vocals, during the chorus. As Moon held her notes, the crowd whistled and clapped their hands. As Stroessner had done for the songs before, he provided a guitar solo. In the end, he introduced everyone and thanked the crowd.

“I’m Your…”, “Abysmal”, “Figured Out” and “Lamento” were also part of YRESIM’s set.