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YoVille sold to Big Viking Games and will be renamed YoWorld

YoVille sold to Big Viking Games and will be renamed YoWorld
YoVille sold to Big Viking Games and will be renamed YoWorld
Photo by Justin Sullivan

The announcement that loyal YoVille players have been waiting for has finally arrived. After Zynga announced earlier this year that they planned to shut this much loved game down forever, and after months of uncertainty, players finally received word that the game they love has been sold. On Thursday, the official YoVille app page on Facebook informed players that YoVille has been sold, and will be renamed.

The official statement posted on the YoVille forum states that Zynga and Big Viking Games, who has been working tirelessly to acquire the doomed game since Zynga announced its closure plans, have reached an agreement. YoVille will officially change hands on May 12, and will be renamed YoWorld.

Some players expressed concerns that they would lose all the virtual items they have gathered over the five years the game has been live. Today's announcement eased these concerns by informing players all game history and details will be transferred by May 12. However, if players wish to have their YoVille history deleted they should contact Zynga support by May 10.

YoVille is a virtual world game that launched in 2008. It allows players to buy, sell, and trade virtual items while decorating their virtual homes, hosting virtual parties with their human friends, and more. The game was among the top games on Facebook at its peak, but bugs and hackers reportedly led to its decline.

In January 2014 Zynga announced they planned to close YoVille for good, but fans of the game wouldn't go down without a fight. Players flocked to the Big Viking Games Facebook page, which is the company that created YoVille before selling it to Zynga, begging them to purchase YoVille back from Zynga to keep it alive. Big Viking Games expressed interest in purchasing the doomed game, and reached out to Zynga.