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Year 2013 in music: YouTube core stats

Year 2013 in music: YouTube Top-20 videos
Year 2013 in music: YouTube Top-20 videos
Alexander Bell

YouTube Top-20 videos of all time

# Views Performer-Title
1 1,865,943,308 PSY-GANGNAM STYLE
2 958,837,380 Justin Bieber-Baby
3 718,743,069 Jennifer Lopez-On The Floor
4 643,285,977 Eminem-Love The Way You Lie
5 630,572,955 "Charlie"-Charlie bit my finger - again!
6 620,550,195 LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem
7 615,417,477 PSY-GENTLEMAN M/V
8 589,337,475 Shakira-Waka Waka (2010 FIFA)
9 558,230,579 Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
10 544,667,254 Michel Teló-Ai Se Eu Te Pego
11 521,124,481 Carly Rae Jepsen-Call Me Maybe
12 509,248,475 Don Omar-Danza Kuduro
13 475,038,399 Macklemore-Thrift Shop
14 471,699,290 Eminem-Not Afraid
15 468,106,346 One Direction-What Makes You Beautiful
16 463,091,753 Gotye-Somebody That I Used To Know
17 454,658,138 MIley Cyrus-Wrecking Ball
18 450,836,914 Pitbull-Rain Over Me
19 443,380,050 Bruno Mars-The Lazy Song
20 412,163,504 Katy Perry-Firework

YouTube Top5 of all times

1. PSY “Gangnam Style” music video remains an absolute popularity champion currently totaling 1.865+ GigaViews (prefix Giga stands for a billion). This astronomical number is getting closer to entire global Internet users’ base (the latter is about 2.267 billion [2]) and now exceeding the population of both Americas (North and South) and Europe combined.

2. Justin Bieber remains the second most popular entertainer on the planet as per YouTube stats; his iconic musical video clip "Baby" is totaling 958+ MegaViews, closing to the psychologically important 1 billion mark. This stratospheric popularity index far exceeds the entire population of USA, Canada [1] and Mexico combined, accounting for more than 1/3 of the global Internet users’ base [2].

3. “On The Floor” music video featuring Jennifer Lopez is going figuratively through the roof accounted for 718+ MegaViews, thus outnumbering the entire population of North America.

4. Eminem and Rihanna’s collaborative music video “Love The Way You Lie” attracted more than 643 MegaViewers.

5. "Charlie"-Charlie bit my finger - again!, that funny video is back into Top5 scoring 630+ MegaViews

The entrance level

The entrance level to YouTube

  • Top10 popularity club is currently raised to approximately 544 MegaViews
  • Top20: approx. 412 MegaViews
  • Top50: approx. 264 MegaViews
  • Top100: approx. 184 MegaViews

Notably, not a single hit but neither by Michael Jackson, nor Madonna made it to YouTube Top-100 (this reminds us how soon the once so-popular entertainers are forgotten; well, sic transit gloria mundi...).
Note: all MegaViews numbers are rounded to nearest integer.


As it’s been for many years, 19 items in YouTube Top20 are of music-video genre and only one represents Internet humor category (“Charlie bit my finger - again!”).

The grand total number of views calculated for Top100 most popular YouTube videos currently exceeds 32.9 GigaViews (as a reminder, prefix Giga stands for billion), which is more than 4 times greater than entire population of the planet [3].

Disclaimer: All data in this article is provided on “AS IS” basis without warranty of any kind.


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