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YouTube video: Man tailgates, cuts off woman while driving, crashes, is arrested

The attached YouTube video titled “Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma” has gone totally viral, having swelled to 3.2 million views on Friday, March 28, 2014. It didn’t have nearly that many less than 24 hours ago, when this Cleveland Pop Culture reporter showed it to her kids, and we couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the instant karma that showed a man tailgating a woman, passing her up and making sure to flip her the bird – (Did he know she was recording?)– and then cutting the wheel of his black pickup truck violently back in front of her, swerving and ultimately crashing.

Soon thereafter, a large semi-truck passes by in the opposite direction. That driver can thank God that he didn’t experience a head-on collision.

According to ABC Action News, the video only had 800,000+ views when their article was published, and the Hillsborough Country, Florida woman doesn’t want to be identified; she only wants to go by her YouTube handle, “Florida Driver.”

The driver, however, 33-year-old Jeffrey White, has been arrested and charged with abandoning the scene of a crash. The “Florida Driver” was able to snap a photo of his license plate, and that’s how cops found him.

Wow, that iPhone was really pulling triple duty, huh? What with the video capturing and pic of the plate – and now with the attention and advertising funds potential for the viral video – that puppy is paying for itself manifold. It’s ironic that “Florida Driver” only intended to share the video with a few friends and coworkers. Now the world is watching.

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