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YouTube Subscribers, Likes & Views Review

YouTube Subscribers
YouTube Subscribers
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Browse Carefully and Intensely Interpret Before Making an Investment : Buy YouTube Subscribers Buy YouTube Likes

Being a teenager when hormones streaming in your body makes your brain capable of reasoningnothing but just two most passionate words “FUN” and “PARTY”, the only brutal role seems to be played is by the fund. Despite if you are good enough to bank a hefty pocket money from your parents and on occasions even from the elder siblings, it is sure to fall flat to meet up all the teenage cost of living. But nowadays the problem seems to a be a little minified by teenage messiahs, the colossal twin power respectively reckoned as 3G and 3W.The later seems to be a little confusing to guess but not beating too much about the bush well I am pointing to the world wide web of course which has been playing the role or Guardian angel or simply friend in need, granting the petition for profuse Adolescence bankroll and surelyadding some fresh minds to take some video oriented online marketing to the next level. On Some recently published authenticated info graphics claim that Video ad sharing has taken a leap and haselevated up to around 50 times over in last 8 years span. The Info unofficially pointed out the growth of Cost per Action in the last few years and that too the online advertising affiliates have chosen the video marketing platform to reach out to their audience.

The year 2011 also marked the outsetof yet another online advertising pricing model better known as PPD, where the action involved in downloading some uploaded files by the viewers. Later on 2012, PPD successfully drained fresh teenage brain due to speedy cash rolling formulary,favorably turned out to become one the most priced marketing solution for those who opted for immediatecash. Wellmost youngsters seems to have eyes bursting with rosy dreams of scraping hard cash but at the same time their equal reluctance towards hard time consuming work made PPD a much hyped money making podium since 2012.

For all those young and budding internet marketers, who just took their first step into the IM world and somehow is going around my article, I would like to make a little dot detailing on PPD.It basically stand for Pay PerDownload. In this you’re supposed to upload a video with some additional files on some hot demanding niche and each time your file is downloaded your get paid by the site owners. I am sure this tiny specification is too very less for anyone to know much about PPD but as a matter of fact, speaking on a serious note this article is definitely not about what PPD is and hence I do express my regrets to all my newcomer buddies on not going much about the downloading facts and payout mechanisms. On a whole I am here to share a brief experience of mine on how I got my video marketing success just by some lazy works and a handful ofwittytricks. This can surely help out newbies who are planning to plunge into the online advertising pool and has chosen YouTube marketing as their preferred medium.

Real High Retention YouTube Views:

The magic Word is “High Retention View” and I am sure YouTube marketers are much acquainted with this term and surely they are loving it so am I and to be honest it is like that magic spell that can make you a clear winner when it comes to ranking your video on YouTube. I am sure YouTube is known to all still on a pretty brief definition, it isone of the biggest video-sharing platform at this moment, created by three biggies of internet marketing on around February 2005 and is presently being owned by google since 2006, drawing its fame mainly for video uploads, viewing and sharing by billions of users across the globe, separated by borders connected by 3G and the W-trios.

Straightway coming back to me, it all started when suddenly out of insane curiosity I took a vow to rank a Christmas video in just a 5-7 days span on YouTube. The plan was all set and pretty simple likeany other person who has serious compulsion toward video marketing, started with choosing a hot niches. I went with a funny Christmas video this time and with this time I would blissfully point out that I have quite a few other video campaigns running simultaneously at the moment but I preferred choosing a seasonal video campaign with an ease and poise to test out high retention view as the time was pretty less in my hand and It was easily possible to test out the actual potential of the same.

Now when the niche was all selected, the video was ready and even after the uploading was done doesn’t make the fact easier that just by merely uploading the video, it will start appearing in the searches. The inevitable fact is that at any cost, if you have to draw immense exposure and traffic to your uploaded video you need to get your video stacked on page 1 for the popular search terms but at times it is equally painful to get the videos ranked in YouTube searches. If you ask me, I mostly abide by and prefer obeying 2 rules one is to go with multiple uploads as it increase your chances and second is never to miss the help of YouTube high retention views added with some likes and comments onto your video to aid up to its faster ranking on higher searches. But for me this time the situation was a little adverse as I was dead determined to get my only and only Christmas video to rank on page 1 and at the same time test the actual potential of YouTube High Retention views.

When you plan to buy YouTube views be a little pickier as sometimes if the provider is claiming to give your high retention views the output might be not be up to the mark and sometimes you might even get victimizedor scammed as most claim a lot higher when it comes to take up the order but all their promises falls flat at the time of delivery. I too was little puzzledas my aim was to rank the video prior the Christmas and as I was falling short of the time, and while browsing few most popular internet marketing forums I came across this site called

Their packages seemed pretty reasonable and legit but before placing my order, I quickly had a brief chat with them just to ensure whether they can handle my work properly or not. Although the order might be nothing for big vendors like them,yet politely they took ample time out to answer all my queries until I was pretty much convinced. As of then, I went with their $125 package for 50K USA Country targeted High retention YouTube views and just make a quick check on whether they will drip it or not. I got a quick confirmation mail and the order started instantly.They slowly sprinkled 10K view each dayit took a clean4 days to get the order completed. Throughout the entire process I kept on monitoring the authenticity of their service.The views were Geo targeted – USA based Facebook referral views without a doubt and from the very first day I saw a noticeable bump on the video and rest was proved by YouTubeanalytics that they provided me with safe real YouTube Views having high viewer retention rate close to around 95%-100%. I have bought Geo targeted high retention YouTube views earlier as well but surely gets 5 stars. I must conclude if you willing to buy real YouTube views can surely give Views2u Team a try. Start with the lower packs if you are not dead sure but take my word at least once do try their packs I am sure you wont repent.